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Hemex: A Study Protocol


Hemex: A Study Protocol


© Copyright 2001 by Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D. (h), DiHOM, USA

President of Society of Homotoxicology for North America (SOHNA) and Heel Medical Director

(Explore Issue: Volume 10, Number 5)


We recently had the privilege of visiting with the owners of Hemex Labs of Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. and Mrs. David Berg. Mr. Berg has an MS in Laboratory Science and Mrs. Lois Berg has credentials in the nursing field as it relates to teaching laboratory science. They have done a lot of work in the field of Abnormal Blood Coagulation and the thrust of their work at Hemex is a culmination of nearly thirty years of study in that field. Hemex testing is a complete workup in the nuances of Abnormal Coagulation. This can be mainly a genetically based set of problems or as a set of abnormal terrain abnormalities caused by low-grade infections and environmental toxicity.


A certain small number of our population are very easy "bleeders" as a result of genetic diseases such as Hemophilia. There are the vast majority of people who "clot" their blood normally and, on the other side of the bell shaped curve, a small number of people who are hypercoagulable or "slow bleeders." The Bergs estimate that as many as 14 million Americans have problems with Hypercoagulation.


This Hypercoagulation leads to "clogging" of our mucous membranes with extra Fibrin and doesn't allow for proper entry into cells of nutrients or egress from cells of waste products. Eventually this causes our interstitial fluids (Terrain) to be filled with toxic waste (Dr. Reckeweg's Homotoxins) and our cells to be deprived of proper nutrients. This leads to all forms of chronic degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, cirrhosis, emphysema, chronic fatigue and the 100 or so chronic degenerative diseases that make up the practices of holistic practitioners. They have to deal with patients that are cast on to the waste heap of allopathic medical practitioners who only know how to treat with steroids, tranquilizers and anti-depressants.


The Bergs have developed tests that can first prove whether or not a patient is hypercoagulable and then to see whether it is due to genetics or environmental toxicity or both.


By working with some rather intuitive medical practitioners over the years they have also found that the anti-coagulant, Heparin, is a quick acting method of clearing the extra fibrin, often bringing quick and dramatic relief to patients who suffer from the effects of chronic problems such as those mentioned above. I have actually had one patient whose Fibromyalgia symptoms dramatically improved within 45 minutes of his first injection of Heparin. The average patient sees relief in one to two weeks when their tests are provably positive.




  We recently had a meeting at Hemex and realize that while Heparin appears to be a godsend in these patients--for those with the genetic form of the defect--and that the need for treatment will be lifelong. There clearly needs to be an alternative to lifelong Heparin injections. For those that have the problem secondary to the environmental toxins, a protocol for drainage and Terrain therapy is likewise desirable.


I am the Medical Director for Heel Inc. in the United States and I have the resources of our parent company in Germany at our disposal. Through the good tutelage of Thomas Rau, M.D. of Switzerland, we have also learned of the importance of combining Dr. Enderlein's Pleomorphic/SANUM Remedies with the Heel/ Homotoxicology formulas to achieve optimum results in Terrain therapy and Homotoxins elimination.


We are currently designing a study protocol to determine the appropriate protocols for solving this important problem but recognize one other important advantage to this project! Once completed this study will offer allopathic proof to the efficacy of our Homeopathically/Isopathically based therapies. Fibrin reduction by Heparin therapy is a provably allopathically based procedure and has clinically provable results from therapy all accepted by the current "system." When the same results can be achieved using our "remedies" we will have crossed a barrier of belief with proof that the "system" has been asking us for all along.


I am currently working out the basis of a properly conducted study and will welcome input and collaboration from any of our readers who would wish to contribute their intelligent ideas to this worthwhile project. Further reports will follow.


All readers are invited to visit The Hemex website www.hemex.com


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